Welcome to the Borough of Mercersburg, PA

Free Curbside Recycling Available


Included for all Park’s Garbage Service Inc. Customers

  • Voluntary Recycling Collection - Pickup happens every other week curb side
    • There is no additional cost for this service
    • You may use your own bin or purchase a bin from Park’s. Please no black garbage bags.
    • All Metal, Plastic, Paper/Cardboard can be put in the same recycling bin for collection
  • NO GLASS, NO STYROFOAM, NO PLASTIC BAGS - (Bags can be recycled at your local grocery store)

Recycling Guidelines:

Cardboard and Paperboard
Acceptable Examples: milk cartons, orange juice cartons, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes, shoe
boxes, cardboard egg cartons, pizza and cereal boxes. Flatten all boxes.
Unacceptable*: Food soiled paper or food soiled cardboard. Waxed cardboard.

Paper Products
Acceptable Examples: All colors office paper, newspaper, mail, magazines, phone books, paper bags. Cover
paper with heavier objects to prevent it from blowing away.
Unacceptable*: Waxed paper, napkins, paper towels.

Remove all lids and caps. Rinse throughly, no liquids or food debris. It is ok to leave labels.
Acceptable Examples: Aluminum and steel cans, aerosol cans
Unacceptable*: Scrap metal

Acceptable Examples: Plastics numbered #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 only. Rinse and remove all liquid and food debris.
Remove all lids and caps. It is ok to leave labels and neck rings.
Unacceptable*: plastic bags, straws., plastic wrappers, and plastic cutlery.

*Recyclables containing unacceptable items will not be serviced.

Recycling Guidelines can be found at www.parksgarbage.com and at The Mercersburg Borough Office. If you
have questions or concerns please call Park’s Garbage Service, Inc. 1-800-486-4490 or contact The Apple Valley
Recycling Center in Hagerstown, MD at 1-866-934-1584.